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Applies To: X650, X450

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Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) is called AHRS Module in XAircraft.

Multi-copter is different from traditional unixial or coaxial dual-axial helicopter, and it cannot reach fly stable only with mechanical balance. AHRS detection is necessary on multi-copter area. XAircraft standard XHRS-S Module provides real-time flight attitude and heading at the moment for flight controller. FC will have algorithm comparison between attitude messages with remote control signal. XAircraft standard FC1212-S is capable of 1000Hz calculation rate for hi-speed control of XAircraft attitude, it will correct flight attitude as being asked. There is usually a tail-locked gyro in normal uniaxial or coaxial helicopter to make fly stable, while XAircraft does not need to have one for tail-locked and XAircraft standard AHRS has three-axis on it to make fly more stable and intelligent.

XAircraft AHRS anti-vibration and install way


  • XAircraft standard AHRS with directivity, you need to note the install way and position in case of fly accident.
  • AHRS is sensitive to vibration; it can stop working properly under serious vibration. It is necessary to do anti-vibration work when installation.


  • On AHRS board, triangle next to FRONT word points at right ahead in fly.
  • Printed AHRS-S way faces upward during installation.

XAircraft AHRS Ports:

XAircraft standard AHRS-S has 3 link ports that are Port, Link, and Compass:

  • Port is used to connect any port on FC1212-S Flight Controller.
  • Link port is used to connect USB-Link to do firmware upgrade.
  • Compass port is used to connect AHRS-S expandable accessories like compass.

XAircraft AHRS Work Status

XAircraft standard AHRS Module has display window which shows XAircraft work condition.

  • Red LED blinks 4 times after AHRS Module plug-in that means it is tested automatically.
  • Red LED and green LED blinks alternatively when AHRS hasn’t connected to FC1212-C yet.
  • When AHRS-S is connected to FC1212-S, green LED is on all the way.
  • Green LED blinks when communication packet loss or goes wrong between AHRS-S and FC1212-S. Blinking once means packet loss during communication for one time.
  • Red LED will be on when AHRS-S overload.
  • Red LED is on all the way during calibration and off when calibration is finished.
  • Red LED is on all the way during firmware upgrade and off when it’s completed.

XAircraft AHRS Calibration

XAircraft has calibrated on AHRS before leaving factory, and generally it is no need for users to do the calibration. Users have to re-calibrate AHRS under circumstances below:

  • After firmware upgrade
  • AHRS-S has not assembled in level.
  • Flight environment temperature has changed greatly.

Details on AHRS Settings

XAircraft AHRS firmware update

XAircraft standard AHRS-S has firmware upgrade ability. Users can do firmware upgrade when XAircraft has released new firmware. XAircraft will release new firmware under circumstance below:

  1. AHRS procedure error
  2. Support more expansion
  3. Further improvement on product performance

Details on: XAircraft AHRS Firmware Upgrade

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